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Hello, glad you stopped by. First let me introduce myself and give you a brief discription and goal of this site. I'm a consumer, a user, a forest land owner, a logger, a wood processor, a hauler, a conservationist, an educator, a neighbor, a dad, a husband, and of course a human. I've created this site as a networkng and educational tool for all the wonderful people who use our treasured natural resources...and that my friends would be everybody.


Forest Dan has Forest Stewardship, ecological conservation, vibrant communities and effective local community networks as his goal. There are many ways to see it but a very easy one is the Local Community Firewood Network illustrated above.


This ACTUAL, PHYSICAL, PERSON TO PERSON COMMUNITY NETWORK, works! Follow the descriptions of how it benefits everyone and you'll see that there is a lot to gain for everyone. For a much better description, please watch my video.